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Excellent Quality, Continuous Improvement, Full Participation, Customer Satisfaction

Excellence Quality:“Not for the best, but for the better”. Customer expectations are our motive power. We listen to customers

and understand their expectations, so as to provide better services and quality and timely response with lower operating costs, and

to achieve excellence in management and services.

Continuous Improvement:Quality improvement is eternal. In order to improve our services, we improve the establishment, maintenance

and operation of mechanisms. We believe the causes and solutions of majority of service problems have something to do with

mechanisms. Business environment and customer expectations change constantly; in order to meet customer needs, we have to

continuously improve.

Full Participation:The success of quality control and quality assurance depends on the improvement of quality control system, and

on strict implementation and improvement. We focus on the strengthening of employees’ quality awareness and quality expertise.

Each employee keeps firmly in mind in “Producing Customer-satisfied Products”, and refuses to accept, manufacture and transfer

substandard products. All staff’s strict implementation and tireless improvement are the key to our success, and guarantee our

perfect services to each customer.

Customer Satisfaction:We have experienced quality engineers, QC, and full set of testing equipment, such as "Mitutoyo" CMM

(precision up to 0.001mm), projectors and other conventional detection equipment, to ensure that dies and products can meet

customer demands.

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