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Recently, the domestic plastics market fluctuated and generally fell

Metals markets generally fell. Due to the strength of the US dollar, copper futures on the London Metal Exchange closed lower on Tuesday, dragging down the intraday low and volatile Shanghai copper, suppressed by the 43500 front line, and the spot is affected by the lower copper price, and the current domestic trend is still not stable enough. In addition, because the short-term copper price trend is not clear, despite the relative resistance, if the shock situation has not broken through, market confidence may be hard to support. The Shanghai aluminum fluctuated within the range, and the price-holding mentality of the aluminum market continued to increase in the short term, and many traders continued to raise the current aluminum quotation.



Warmly celebrate the revision of the website of Dongguan Xiongjin Hardware and Plastic Products Factory!

We are a manufacturer specializing in hardware/plastic product development, mold design and manufacturing, and hardware/plastic parts processing. Product types include servers, main casings, movement types, stationery products, auto parts, shrapnel, medical products/equipment, Bluetooth audio equipment, smart home equipment development, etc. molds, automatic manipulator molds, single-shot molds, etc.) and injection molding (medium and large exterior products, precision components, multi-cavity hot runner molds, rapid molds, overmolding molds, etc.); some products and molds are exported to Japan and the United States and Europe.


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